Wolf Head Bracelet (Adopts A Wolf)

$29.99 $59.99


Help save the wolves and adopt your own wolf with each purchase!

Receive an email after your order is placed and learn more about the wolf you've sponsored and adopted!

Wear the extremely limited Wolf Head Bracelet proudly, knowing that your purchase provides protection and helps preserve the future of endangered wolves around the world.

A portion of the proceeds generated from this bracelet will be used to further our mission of saving wild wolves, as well as providing food and other necessities to keep these beautiful animals happy, healthy, and protected from being hunted.

This incredible wolf head bracelet serves as a symbol of endurance through hardship, guardianship, and protection, making it the perfect gift for someone you love in your life.

      If you're not in LOVE with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days, and you'll receive a stress-free refund.


      • Length: 23cm
      • Product material: Cruelty-free Leather